Our 1920s theme is superb if you’re looking for backdrops and props to highlight the life and times of post WW1. 1920s theme party props and entertainment gives anybody a reason to get dolled up in gowns and tuxedos as the gangsters of the 20’s would; or perhaps you’d rather the street cleaners or industrial workers with a 1920s themed party. 1920s party theme is diverse and will really take your event back decades!

Hire 1920s theme party entertainment and ideas for an event to remember.

1920s theme nights nearly always have a best dressed competition so don’t hesitate to organise1920s themed nights for your staff and colleagues, or friends and family.1920s theme party hire is easy. Call us today and we will give you various options to hire 1920s theme night. 1920s Theme party ideas can be hired from us from the stock we already have available, or we can create bespoke props such as peep boards and other decorative boards and materials!

A 1920s theme night is an event not to be forgotten, and our 1920s theme parties are among many other theme parties and themed evenings so we have something to suit everybody! 1920s party theme backdrops can be mixed with star cloth and other decorative elements to create an authentic ‘hustle and bustle’ 1920s environment. For 1920s party theme ideas to incorporate into YOUR 1920s theme parties, call our team today to see why a 1920s themed evening is a brilliant way to celebrate!

We have many other decade theme packages to choose from, not just the 1920s. Each theme has 4 varying packages to ensure we can suit set budgets, or you can create your own shopping list  and we can provide a competitive quote for those listed items. You pick and choose, it’s your event and we want to ensure you remember the 20s!

Give one of our experienced team a call today to find out how theming and decor can really help bring your event alive, aside from entertainment alone. Theming and event decoration really brings an atmosphere to any event that can only enhance the entertainment already supplied.